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The purpose of this guide is to install an unofficial firmware in order to use additional functionality because for various reasons were not included in the official version. This Wiki is regarding WDTV Live.

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WDTV Live - Revert to official firmware without flashing


This procedure is valid if the WDTV Live is flashed with unofficial firmware explained in http://wiki.wdlxtv.com/Main_Page site.


  1. unzip wdtvlive_1.04.10_V.zip
  2. Download cramfsck-16k binary files from http://forum.wdlxtv.com/download/file.php?id=4
  3. Extract firmware and create system directory:
    1. tail -c +33 wdtvlive.bin > wdtvlive.stripped.bin
    2. ./cramfsck-16k -x dump wdtvlive.stripped.bin
    3. cd dump
    4. mkdir -p boot
    5. mkdir -p dev
    6. mkdir -p mnt/boot
    7. mkdir -p mnt/fwup
    8. mkdir -p opt
    9. mkdir -p proc
  4. Create root.bin file with right dimension:
    1. dd if=/dev/zero of=new.root.bin bs=1024k count=150
  5. Format it ext3:
    1. mkfs.ext3 ./new.root.bin
  6. Mount it:
    1. sudo mkdir /tmp/smaller
    2. sudo mount -o loop new.root.bin /tmp/smaller
  7. Copy files:
    1. sudo rsync -avHS /home/asdf/wdtv/wdtvlive_1.04.10_V/dump/* /tmp/smaller
    2. sync
  8. Umount it:
    1. sudo umount /dev/loop1
  9. Rename it:
    1. mv new.root.bin root.bin
  10. Copy root.bin in a formatted fat 8Gb root directory /
  11. Plug-in usb key in wdtvlive
  12. Reboot

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